Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Here's what you need: 
1. A sketchbook. I recommend spiral-bound hardcovers, so your photos don't bend.
2. Glue or a gluestick. Gluesticks may not hold for long, so choose a good brand and apply liberally. 
3. Scissors! For trimming or cutting out photos
4. Photos! :) Of course.

(Page from our beach trip this past spring)

     Arrange your photos however you'd like, glue them down and scribble in captions and notes along the white spaces left. If the pages of your sketchbook are thinner, make sure your pen doesn't bleed through! If you still want more of a scrapbook feel, you can easily add in stickers and decorations around the photos. I prefer leaving them blank, so it doesn't distract from the images themselves. 

(I'm a big fan of documenting food on our trips.) 

     And that's it! It's an extremely fast process and can also serve as a photojournal, depending on how much you jot in along the edges. It's much less intimidating of a project to take on then a full-fledged scrapbook, but still lets you store and keep all your favorite memories. :) Mine's exploding with pages! 

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