Thursday, September 27, 2012


Aghhhh!! It's finally here! And I'm not saying that in an overly eager, excited kind of way. I say that in a booo, I've been dreading it all summer kind of way. Nonetheless, the first day of school has come and gone, leaving me with ten more weeks of books and exams! Whoop! Who said this would be the time of my life??! Kidding, kidding. College really has been good to me thus far. Plus, the view from my room is gorgeous! My room oversees all of campus and the surrounding city, which lights up and glows at night. Studying's not so bad like this. Anyway, with the new year starting, I'm hoping to set a few habits in and maybe try a new thing or two!

  1. Keep it clean! Or at the very least, my bed. I'm a whirlwind of chaos, but I'm hoping I can keep things somewhat organized this year. 
  2. Work-out 2-3 times a week. I realize this will be tough when finals roll around, but being healthy and in shape keeps me happy. That's the numero uno. 
  3. Study Every Day!! I took way too many days entirely off last year and I regretted every one of them. 
  4. Stay creative. As busy as I gets, I'm trying to make sure I always have a bit of time for the things that keep me sane. So if I can squeeze in a quick drawing, painting, craft or whatnot, I'll be a happy camper! 

Just one more picture of my view before I go, just because it looks so cool. :) G'luck to everyone else out there who started classes!

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